About Target150

Target 150 creates a standard of practice that will provide all families with premium, affordable and high satisfaction services. We aren't just banking your stem cells; we're helping you to prepare for the unexpected. Knowing that having more stem cells for treatment can improve medical outcomes inspires us to constantly look for ways to improve. We strive to provide you with an unlimited supply of stem cell with our patented multiplication technology. Due to the small amount of stem cells in cord blood, we use a closed, automatic cord blood isolation system to give the highest yield of stem cells collection 94% with viability of 98%.

Target 150 is Thailand's largest and most experienced Mesenchymal Stem Cell bank. For years, we have led the industry in technical innovations. Target 150 was the first bank to offer families with cord tissue banking (Wharton's Jelly) and adipose tissue banking (fat), other than routine cord blood banking. Our research and develop efforts are focused on helping leading clinical researchers advance regenerative medicine that may help families in the future.


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