Our Services

These are the services we provide, these makes us stand apart.

Stem Cell Collection

We can collect Stem Cells from Cord Blood, Placenta and your own fatty tissue.


Take control of the aging process, live a longer life with continued physical and cogniative abilities.

Cancer Prevention

You create around 5,000 Cancerous Cells a day, your body produces killer cells to combat them, give them some help.

Banking Your Cells

We understand how important your stem cell deposits are. We'’'ve created a lifetime service that offers you the best in stem cell storage and transportation.

Cord Blood

Parents may choose to bank their newborn’s cord blood against the possibility that it will be useful in the future, should the child or a related family member fall victim to a disease that is treatable by cord blood stem cells.


Unlike cord blood stem cells that usually have the problem with inadequate supply, MSCs have the potential of multiplication without genetic mutation. Thus, MSCs can be saved for multiple usages for your family future health.


Adipose tissues contain mesenchymal stem cells, the most powerful of all cells. These cells have self-renewal, proliferation, and differentiation properties toward various tissues such as nerve cell, cardiomyocyte, osteocyte, pancreatic cell and so on.


Stem cell treatments, regulating quality and quantity of nutrients and hormonal normalisation are the hallmarks for therapy.


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